How to bury someone with no money

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How to bury someone with no money

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If you need to know how to bury someone with no money, then this is the right article for you.  This is a real problem. My mother passed 5 years ago and I had been looking for financial help for 2 years before that. I found out a lot of information, mostly that there is no government, religious or private agency that offers to pay for some of the costs ahead of time. There is some help from the mortuary at the time of need, as they say.

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If the person was a veteran your problems are solved. I buried a veteran 15 years ago for $ 2000. The plot was free in a veterans cemetery. You can save money on the casket by buying a plain cardboard or pine box from the manufacturer. You can have a direct burial with no services, just the cemetery costs.

You can find a green burial plot that does not require a casket. You can avoid mortuary frills you don’t need.

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Cremation would be the cheapest for around $ 1500. A regular burial plot costs at least $ 3000 unless you can buy one through a private party.

Some Catholic cemeteries can give a reduced cost plot. If the person was a member of any civic organization or union, they might help. I finally got some help for my mom through my Dad’s overseas military service.

If you do nothing and don’t claim the body, it will either be sent to a medical research lab or it might be buried at the city’s expense but you won’t know which.

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Burial Fact #1

Burial life insurance premiums are fixed by law. and the price is the same no matter where you purchase your coverage.

Burial Fact #2

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the average funeral costs in the United States can be well over $10,000 by the time you add floral arrangements, prayer cards and family transportation.

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If you are currently collecting Social Security benefits you are entitled to a burial allowance. Currently, the amount is $255.

Burial Fact #4

Final expense life insurance in some cases can be issued regardless of pre-existing health issues and requires no medical exam.